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Ever-changing world, will have new challenges every day. The modern IT world is no different, in fact changing much faster. These challenges provide a chance to learn, build skills and improve. A key factor is continuous learning, and being up to date on these challenges and resolutions available. If we stop our continuous learning, we will be outdated and sidelined by the ones who keep up with the Industry. Here comes the power of community, which can promote group learning, knowledge sharing, and support for each other. DevOps Malayalam is a community, where we will meet professionals working in different companies ready to help each other. DevOps Malayalam is a thriving community to create a pool of new-age techies, ready to take on new challenges.

Our discussion rooms are focused on sharing best practices and industry standards in practicing DevOps. The community consists of Malayalam-speaking DevOps/SRE/DevSecOps practitioners and aspirants from all around the world, with the moto of learning, relearning, upskilling and knowledge sharing on topics related to DevOps/SRE/DevSecOps. Our journey started as a Clubhouse talk and expanded community over different social media platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. We publish, and share technical talk videos and articles, helping the community to work and enhance their routine tasks. We want to break through the language barrier and progress technical capabilities, producing new generation techies….ready to take on new challenges.


Community of techies, specialising in DevOps/ SRE/ DevSecOps practice in modern cloud world.

We are a community, thriving to create a pool of new age techies in the emerging IT industry.

Our goal is focused on learning, relearning, upskilling and knowledge sharing on topics related to DevOps/SRE/DevSecOps.


Are you a DevOps aspirant? It's an incomparable opportunity for you to learn the ABC's from the best trainers in the industry and build a strong foundation in DevOps.


No matter wherever you are sitting on the ladder, you have to be thorough with the basics. Keep refreshing your knowledge and aim for continuous improvement.


The race is highly competitive. Brace up and strengthen your muscles. Be focused and aggressive!

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