Event Recap: DM-Meetup Kochi 2024

Unveiling the Power of Open Source Observability Stack at TinkerHub Kochi


We are thrilled to share the highlights of DM-Meetup Kochi 2024, a day-long gathering that brought together DevOps enthusiasts from across Kerala for a day of learning, exploration, and community building, held at the vibrant TinkerHub Kochi. The event provided a platform for attendees to delve into the world of open-source observability, network with fellow professionals, and discover the latest trends and technologies shaping the DevOps landscape.

Insightful Sessions at TinkerHub Kochi:

The event kicked off in the heart of TinkerHub Kochi with an insightful session by Ashmil Hussain, a renowned expert in the field of open-source observability. Ashmil's session shed light on the power of leveraging tools like Grafana, Mimir, Loki, and Tempo to gain deeper insights into system performance and health. Attendees walked away with valuable knowledge on how to implement these tools to build robust and scalable observability solutions.

Interactive Demo Fuel Discussions:

Following Ashmil's session, the day continued within the inspiring walls of TinkerHub Kochi with a demo covering open-source observability stack.This practical session brought the theoretical concepts to life, demonstrating how tools like Grafana, Mimir, Loki, and Tempo can be used to gain real-time insights into the health and performance of an OpenStack environment. Participants actively participated in the demo, asking questions, experimenting with the tools, and gaining valuable hands-on experience.

Community Thrives at TinkerHub Kochi:

One of the highlights of the event was the strong sense of community that permeated throughout the day, thanks to the welcoming atmosphere of TinkerHub Kochi. Participants actively engaged in discussions, shared their experiences and challenges, and forged valuable connections with fellow DevOps enthusiasts. The collaborative spirit was truly palpable, creating an environment where everyone felt welcome to learn, share, and grow.

Key Technologies Take Center Stage:

The DM-Meetup Kochi 2024 at TinkerHub Kochi focused on the power of open-source observability tools, with a particular emphasis on four key technologies:

Grafana: A powerful platform for visualization and monitoring, Grafana played a central role in the event, showcasing its ability to create unified dashboards for metrics, logs, and traces. Attendees learned how to leverage Grafana's intuitive interface and rich visualization capabilities to gain real-time insights into their systems.
Mimir: This open-source project enriches data discovery and collaboration, making it easier for teams to explore and analyze observability data. The event highlighted how Mimir can streamline data exploration and empower teams to make data-driven decisions.
Loki: As a log aggregation system, Loki efficiently collects and visualizes logs, enabling quick and flexible log exploration. Participants gained valuable insights into how Loki can be used to troubleshoot issues, identify anomalies, and gain a deeper understanding of their system's behavior.
Tempo: Tempo is a distributed tracing backend that seamlessly integrates with Grafana and Prometheus, providing a unified observability experience with a focus on scalability. The event showcased how Tempo can be used to trace requests across distributed systems, making it easier to pinpoint performance bottlenecks and diagnose complex issues.
Looking Ahead to Future Gatherings:

The DM-Meetup Kochi 2024 at TinkerHub Kochi was a resounding success, leaving participants energized and excited about the future of open-source observability. The organizers are already looking forward to hosting future events and gatherings, providing a platform for the DevOps community to come together, learn, and collaborate. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events, and join us in shaping the future of DevOps!

We extend our sincere gratitude to all the participants, sponsors, and contributors who made DM-Meetup Kochi 2024 at TinkerHub Kochi a remarkable success. Your passion and dedication are what make the DevOps community thrive. Keep exploring, keep learning, and let's continue to elevate the DevOps experience together!

Demo Session

We hosted a session in Kochi on mastering the Open Source Observability Stack, providing in-depth insights and practical techniques.


We conducted an engaging quiz to test participants' knowledge on the Open Source Observability Stack.


Through this meetup, participants had the opportunity to connect with people of varying experience levels.