Frequently Asked Questions


How do I connect with the blog management team?

The blog management team is available at [email protected]

What should my blog be about?

The blog can be broadly on any DevOps relevant areas. For example, CI/CD…. It could be a blog for Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced levels. The editorial team will make sure the blog is relevant to our community,

How to manage?

We encourage blogs in English so that it reaches out to a wider audience, appear in search results, and help you start with professional technical writing.

Who will review the blog content?

We have set up a very good Editorial Panel who have solid experience in DevOps areas, and have been content creators on other platforms. Each blog will go through multiple reviewers before it gets published on the website.

I have published some blogs on some other platforms/handles. Can I write the repost some of those at DevOps Malayalam?

Unfortunately NO! We encourage folks to present original and fresh content on our platform. The ownership of the blog is entirely with the writer. So you can post it on any other platforms of your choice after it is published at DevOps Malayalam.

Blog Entry Guidelines

01. Keep in mind who is intended audience (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced), so that it communicates to them effectively.
02. Strictly no plagiarism. Please give due credit by sharing links for text, images, etc
03. If there is any conflict happening on the authenticity or ownership of the post, the editorial team holds all rights to remove the article from the website.
04. The editorial team would reach out to the contributor to make any improvements to the article.
05. Since we seek original and fresh content, the article must be first published on the DevOps Malayalam site. It can be cross-posted on other platforms later.
06. The complete IP rights of the blog will be with the author.